Our company has managed sites for businesses and church ministries for over 6 years. Our customer base has been varied - everything from a world wide ministry to a Dairy Queen. We've managed accounts locally and nationally.  Our success at increasing followers and visibility has been outstanding, taking one customer from around 6,000 Facebook followers to over 1.3 million.  We'd appreciate the opportunity to help your effort as well.

What we provide are consistency in posting and creativity in presenting your story and brand. The goal is valuable content that your customers and followers will share and your potential customers will seek.

Consistency will be accomplished with daily postings (5 or 7 day service depending on need).  Together we'll determine the social media venues best for you, the number of posts per day per venue and the type of posts for each.  

Creativity is found in the types of posts we produce for you.  Using graphics, slide shows, video and other types of formats, we present your product or service in a eye appealing manner that encourages sharing.

We monitor the accounts and pass along any questions or problems noted.  We interact where appropriate with likes and answers to general questions.

We assess the results, suggest improvements and adjust as necessary.

We assume nothing.   These are your accounts representing your business or ministry and we don't post anything that hasn't been agreed upon or cleared by you.

These techniques have been very successful in helping our clients reach their social media marketing goals.



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