Training to do your social media marketing in-house is a worthwhile investment in your business or ministry.  McQ Media is your one-stop shop for accomplishing this in the minimum amount of time and cost.

Once we assess the level of training needed and your social media marketing goals, we put a lesson plan together for your approval.

That plan will include such elements as:

  • Familiarization with the social media venues most used by businesses, their pros and cons.

  • How to set achievable social media goals using S.M.A.R.T and to monitor their success.

  • How to create posts using various formats such as slide show, videos, graphics, etc. to highlight your product or service and catch your customer's attention.

  • Recommended software and apps to help in post creation.

  • Determining the frequency of posting on each chosen social media venue.

  • Assessing and continuing, adjusting or eliminating posts according to their level of success.

  • Techniques for maximizing followers.



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