Dental: How should my practice use social media?

February 6, 2018

While every dental practice is unique, all of them share things in common.  They want their patients to be comfortable with dentistry and they want to ensure they provide them with all the information they need to make informed decisions about their dental needs.


But dentist are also business people and an empty chair means lost business.  


How can social media help?


In the first instance, social media content can both inform and put a patient at ease.  And valuable content is shared.  If a dentist's patient is looking at Facebook, see's an informative post on sealants for children's teeth and remembers a friend who was talking about them a day or so ago, it is very easy for her to share that post with her friend.  That will likely start a conversation between them and it will be the the dentist's patient who will be singing the dentist's praises and making a new potential patient comfortable about making that decision.  


Social media is "word of mouth 2.0", and it is true that the best referrals usually come by word of mouth.


As for that empty chair - social media can get the information of a short term opening out fast and quickly with a very good reach.  And, of course, the more followers a dentist practice has, the more likely the opening will be filled.



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