Church: Should social media be treated as a mission?

February 6, 2018

Churches can use social media to increase their congregational base, attract new believers and serve the unchurched in their immediate area and beyond.


How you ask?  Primarily by treating your social media as you would any mission undertaken by your church.


Missions require time, money, effort and dedication.  And their noble goal  is to yield more followers for Christ while helping those in need.


Your social media effort should be no different.  That's because social media can reach out in ways a traditional mission cannot.  Traditional missions are time and place specific. 


Social media changes that equation by creating an online community to which your church and mission have daily access.  Building a followership on Facebook, for instance, isn't limited to just your town or state.  It can literally effect lives worldwide.  And the church can minister to that community daily.


Treat your social media effort as a mission and watch it help you gather followers for your church and more importantly, for Jesus Christ.






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