Church: Why churches should be serious about using social media

February 8, 2018

Here's a quote from a US News story about declining church membership in some churches and increases in others that makes an interesting point: 


"Some mainline church officials admit to taking a page from the evangelical playbook. And no wonder. Since 1990, the number of Americans identifying themselves as members of mainline denominations, including Presbyterians and the United Church of Christ, has slid from nearly 19 percent of the population to under 13 percent, a loss of 3.5 million people. Over the same period, the number identifying themselves as nondenominational Christians, the evangelical-style tradition of the megachurches, has exploded, from fewer than 200,000 to more than 8 million. "The megachurch folks learned that they have to address people where they are in their daily lives, and that's not in the sanctuary," says the Rev. Larry Hollon."


Now I'm not saying you have to be a megachurch.  What we are saying is we can use some lessons learned from their experience.  And one of the major things we should take from that quote is the need to address/reach people where they are in their daily lives.


Given it's prevalence in today's world, what better place to do that than on social media venues?  Where will you find most of the demographic that that you are trying to appeal too spending their time?  The beauty is, they're already there and they're networked with a heck of a lot more just like them.


There's another quote from that same story that I want to share as well :


"The under-35 generation thinks church is a judgmental, hypocritical, insular place," says Jamie Dunham, chief planning officer for Bohan Advertising & Marketing."


Again, what better and more appropriate place to show that generation that what they think isn't true than via social media platforms?  In a traditional sense, the only way you can get young people to revise that opinion would be to get them to come through the doors of the church and spend time with you.  But, as we know, that's not likely to happen for most.  So you need another way to reach them that is non-threatening and non-intrusive but helps dispel this opinion they might hold. 


Social media.



Social media.

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