How social media amplifies "word of mouth"

February 8, 2018

At it's core, social media marketing has the ability to bring a new kind of exposure to your business. By leveraging social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter, you'll find opportunities to capture new customers as well as get your current customers re-engaged. But there's more value in social media than just brand recognition and website traffic. Let's explore some of the other value adds within social media.


First of all, social media marketing creates the opportunity to hear from your customers.  Oftentimes, they'll share things directly with your social channels, or ask questions that might help you identify the good or bad in your business. Beyond their direct interactions, you'll get a sense of what's important to your audience by looking at what they share and how frequently. With an active audience, you can ask for feedback, or test ideas before crafting larger marketing initiatives.


Secondly, you'll establish credibility. Today's savvy consumers are spending more time researching brands and products before spending money. With an active social media presence, you'll allow your customers to indirectly advocate for you. If they're leaving a positive comment, sharing a review, or interacting with your content, it'll boost your overall credibility.


Thirdly, you'll develop a community, and a community is an important tool for driving awareness to your brand. As customers become advocates, they'll turn to social media to shower you with praise. It's this community that will ignite your word-of-mouth marketing and help you reach untapped territory. Friends look to friends for recommendations, and social media allows you to activate those opportunities and expose your brand to a new audience.


These are just a few examples on the value of social media, take the time to look at your own objectives and determine what would be the biggest value for you. 




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