For Churches, Social Media is "Mission Essential"

May 9, 2018


Does social media have a role in churches?  That is a question we are sure many pastors have asked themselves.  How can something like social media lend itself to accomplishing the mission of a church?




Missions are a very important part of church outreach.  They are aimed at helping those in need and bringing people to Christ.


Missions, depending on where and how the church does them, can be expensive and limited in scope and impact.  Most churches are interested in economical ways to do mission work that won’t break the budget.  They are looking for ways to be more effective with their mission money.


How can social media become a “mission” asset?  Certainly there is no substitute for hands on mission work and it is a very important part of Christian outreach.  Because of the expense involved, many churches are limited in the number and size of missions they can fund and deploy each year.


What if your church could have a 365 days a year outreach mission that could reach thousands daily? What if that outreach was fueled by the church’s own content?  What if that mission could be conducted via social media at minimal cost? 


Wouldn’t that be something a church would find both advantageous and compelling?


Of course it would.  Based on years of research and experience it is achievable.


The first key to success is consistency.  Once someone finds you and follows you, they look forward to hearing from you. Their “follow” is a signal they like what they are seeing and hearing.  A consistent posting schedule and a message using your church’s content becomes a means of ministering to those who follow you.  Everyday you have the opportunity to get the teaching of Jesus Christ in front of your followers.


Your church’s content is the second key to success.  By using your pastor’s sermons and quotes you accomplish two things.  One, you help the unchurched in your area get to know your church and what it is all about.  They are able to get comfortable with the church.  It makes it much more likely they will come through the front doors than if they know nothing about you.  Two, you aren’t constrained by your geographical location.  You can minister to the world through your social media effort.  


Today, people are much more likely to “Google” your church than to call or visit.  If they find a thriving social media community they are much more likely to be open to the message.


In short, your missions ministry should include social media as a primary mission vehicle.  We helped one ministry go from 6,000 Facebook followers to over 1.4 million. Just imagine being able to minister to 1.4 million followers a day. 


Contact us today for additional information on how we can assist you spread the Word of God to an unlimited audience throughout the world.  

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