Social Media Marketing for Churches

Churches face some unique challenges when it comes to social media.  

The first challenge is ministering to their congregation.  Certainly social media, properly deployed, can help address that need.  Through various social media channels, churches can minister to their congregation on a daily basis, keep them informed of happenings and future events and generally accommodate them in a supportive and positive on-line community.

The second challenge, however, involves outreach.  Too much of ministering to the congregation and not enough outreach turns the social media channels inward. To those on the outside it may seem insular and unwelcoming.  Churches need to balance both the ministering to their congregation and their social media outreach to make their church attractive to the unchurched in their community.

The other thing a church should do in their outreach program is endeavor to make the unchurched comfortable with their church such that they’ll entertain the idea of attending. The best way to do this through social media is to make them comfortable with the pastor and his or her messages.

This is accomplished by video clips (see examples here) and graphics (see below) with the pastor’s quotes.  These give the unchurched an opportunity to get to know the pastor and develop a comfort level with the church that may lead to attendance.

The final benefit of a good and balanced social media presence is working to fulfill the Great Commission.  The social media program becomes a mission that, unlike other missions, works toward this fulfillment 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  Because of the internet a church’s outreach mission knows no bounds and is available worldwide to those who hunger for the word of God.

What we do is enable this social media success through helping the church plan and execute a balanced social media approach that satisfies all aspects of the challenges they face.  We also know that church budgets are tight.  So our services are priced to work within your church's budget constraints.

Please contact us today to talk about improving your social media presence.

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